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01 February 2007 @ 06:58 pm
Well. Uhm. Hey there. This place seems pretty much dead, so I thought I'd just, you know, make a post to remedy that~. I come bearing some small bits of fanfic. First a drabble I wrote for sir_hellsing and then my completed claim at 1sentence.

As the creation of Heaven had been finished, theirs began.
Soon, he became the brightest star of all and she the most beautiful prisoner.

As heaven was in its greatest glory, their Father branded him fallen.
Soon, he decided it wasn’t enough and met her up in the highest Heaven to take her down with him.
He never came that far.

As the Creator left Heaven behind, she came to get him, who resided in a cage of icy crystal.
Soon, her weakness and her brother sealed both of their fates.
He never gave up.
She never knew.

As Hell had crumbled and Heaven fought itself, they were enemies.
He’d never been sincere about it.
She understood that perfectly well.
Her reincarnation did not, and that caused him the greatest grief.

As Heaven’s Creator found his demise, they found each other within the realm of illusions.
Knowing that, soon, their union would be quite real.
Not knowing what should become of them now, their adversary gone, their purpose gone.
But they would prevail and watch the world grow, freed as it was now.
Whether or not they’d be a part of it remained to be seen.
Possibilities were many, now.

Fandom: Angel Sanctuary
Pairing: Alexiel/Lucifer
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: PG-13

#01 - Comfort

She’d made a small fire after a day of walking through barren lands, and though the sword
at her side could never feel its warmth, something soothed him during that night.

#02 - Kiss

The first kiss he'd given her had been at their first meeting and rejected, the second at the end
of their Father’s reign and welcomed; and as of yet he doesn't want to repeat the
action too often, for fear of trivializing their very own symbolism.

#03 - Soft

He knows exactly when she is thinking about her late brother - those are the only times her eyes go soft.

#04 - Pain

Even if the things that had caused them pain once are gone, they can't help but feel its shadows
lingering somewhere around a corner, always; it is the language their story has been written in.

#05 - Potatoes

Once along their journey, they'd been farmer's kids in a small village, and when her
reincarnation had, in times of dire famine, given him half a sweet potato, the unknowing
Nanatsusaya had not eaten but kept it, certain that something was going to kill her soon
anyway, so he might as well bear the hunger this borrowed body felt so harshly.

#06 - Rain

There had been that occasion when he'd watched her dancing in the rain, which confused him
greatly; not quite knowing how he felt at that, he’d only grumped at her, but then a smile had
crept onto his features nonetheless, and the one she'd given him back had glowed brighter than
the sun through the gloom of this rainy day.

#07 - Chocolate

As she savors a piece of the chocolate they've brought back from Assiah, she likens the taste to the love they share: deep and bittersweet, but very much addictive.

#08 - Happiness

He sometimes can’t help but feel bitter at the fact that he alone won’t ever make her happy, for she’ll always be missing her other half - however, the fact that he won’t ever reach that closeness to her is something he has chosen to live with, for her.

#09 - Telephone

Once when talking on the phone with Kira, Setsuna had let a completely inappropriate joke
slip - and really, it just might have been her, telling him that yes, I'm still here, but be patient

#10 - Ears

She has a strange fondness for his ears, because she likes to make him listen, which is
in turn because yes, she positively adores owning him like she does.

#11 - Name

They don’t like addressing each other by their names, for angelic names always had a
meaning, one pertaining to the late Creator; however, they do it anyway, because the last
thing they want is having to resort to some really corny pet names.

#12 - Sensual

As with most things between them, the sensuality in their relationship is subtle; little touches
of a certain kind never fail to incite a shiver in them, while knowing of things so much deeper
that they can't be conveyed with touch or word, but only their awareness of each other's

#13 - Death

Death is a strange thing for them, an alien thing, something they have experienced time and
time again and that will yet, in its entirety, forever completely elude them; immortality is their
blessing and their doom.

#14 - Sex

A subliminal tension of the very physical kind had crept around the edges of their first encounter; that was the only time, though - really, those swords could be painful after all.

#15 - Touch

None of them wears gloves anymore, for they like enjoying the feel of touching each other
skin to skin.

#16 - Weakness

It is only when the other's embrace shuts out everything else that they ever allow themselves
to be weak.

#17 - Tears

The tears they'd shed as humans had particular meanings: in his case, they had been the only
ones to ever graze his cheeks, in hers, it had been the only time she'd ever wept for

#18 - Speed

As he pushed her away, saying spread your wings, she felt intoxicated by the velocity,
the danger of it all, so contrary to everything she'd known before, as she fell and did as he said.

#19 - Wind

The sword had always admired her hair when whipped about by the wind, made it shine so
prettily with a thousand reflections of sunlight, however often enough it concealed her face as

#20 - Freedom

There had been that foreign visitor once, the forbidden one, and with him he’d brought the
faint but lingering scent of the outside world; it had quite grown on her, and sometimes, she

#21 - Life

Life, that is definitely the simplest, most basic and most beautiful word in existence, for
it encompasses everything worth fighting for, as dead things are beyond anyone’s reach, even

#22 - Jealousy

It was in both of their nature to inspire many a heart’s desires, but that never put what they had into question.

#23 - Hands

Now that he's got the hands he has wished for, all the former sword uses them for is mending
the wounds of a troubled teenager who might not - will not live long anyway, and he feels sorry about that for several reasons.

#24 - Taste

It was really damn funny how he hadn’t had a taste of actual sin before he met her; not
that he minded.

#25 - Devotion

When she was prisoner of a garden, he came and freed her; when he was prisoner of chains
and a sword, she took him to be at her side; when she was prisoner of endless much-too-short
human lives, he followed her silently - it was as simple as it was unsaid that they would never
stray too far from each other's path.

#26 - Forever

Yes, we'll be together, and yes, of course, always, and no, you needn't keep me
'cause I'll stay.

#27 - Blood

The bloodstains are something they can never wash themselves clean of, not their hands, their
eyes, their tongues nor their souls.

#28 - Sickness

Really, she loves him dearly, but sometimes his utter possessiveness and the thought of her former yielding to it makes her almost physically ill.

#29 - Melody

A great difference between them is that she has an undying love for all of creation, while he,
well, he lacks any feelings of the sort, though it is the bird’s song he’s come to associate with
her that makes him understand a whole lot better.

#30 - Star

Two young girls, lying in the grass, wishing upon a star, one for all the pretty, shiny things in
the world, the other for only one of those.

#31 - Home

The concept of home is actually not one they endeavor; for them, it equals suffering.

#32 - Confusion

Sakuya Kira had never understood how Alexiel could do to him what she did, enraging and
enrapturing him, tying him to her in a way he wouldn't have thought possible if he didn't
experience it himself until he only wished for himself to be gone because he couldn't decide
what he wanted for her: to die the most cruel death or live free from any pain as happily as she

#33 - Fear

For thousands of years, he hadn’t changed, had always been the same pillar of strength and
cold nobility - but fear had pierced him like an icy, shiny crystal when they’d come for them as
they fled the garden, together, though soon no more.

#34 - Lightning/Thunder

They enjoy the lightning that blazes through the sky and the thunder that reverberates in their
ears, on their skin, because they are such wild an untamed forces of nature, so unlike the order
they originally stood for.

#35 - Bonds

There are times when it isn't so clear that they belong to each other, after all they don't want to
end up each other's jailers and prisoners.

#36 - Market

It is on a market day that he runs over the small town’s center square and brushes by a young
woman, then turns around to apologize and instantly knows who it is; when they, much later,
share a bed, he can tell his false heartbeat is unnerving her, but she welcomes the warmth of
his embrace nonetheless as though there had never been anything else she’d been waiting for.

#37 - Technology

Once they’d made a game out of guessing the world’s greatest irony: he said it was that God
had basically sealed his own fate in making them so alike; she said it was that humans were in
the process of creating something similar to the shell that had held God’s soul for millenia.

#38 - Gift

He found it amusing how the word "gift" meant present in one language of Assiah and
poison in another; he thought it reflected the workings of this world quite well -
she would never receive gifts from him, but that was also because everything that was
to be owned of him, she already had.

#39 - Smile

She'd only really, sincerely smiled at him at the end of it all, and secretly he'd thought it might
just be the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

#40 - Innocence

They have long been stripped of their innocence in every conceivable sense of the word, but
sometimes at night he surely likes to pretend, even more so as he knows she’ll never allow
herself to.

#41 - Completion

He is her mirror image, but her other half is only her twin, and thus it has never been in his
place nor his ability to complete her.

#42 - Clouds

They gawk at the clouds and the clouds gawk back at them, taunting them with vague shapes
of what might have been.

#43 - Sky

Heaven is a very exclusive place, but no matter where they go, there is always the same sky to
look up at.

#44 - Heaven

Heaven had been hers, but she didn't want it because there had been born her and her brother,
and with them all the pain in the world.

#45 - Hell

Hell had been his, but he didn't want it because it was the self-made prison he'd once been
assigned to.

#46 - Sun

One of God’s symbols is the sun, and sometimes, they feel its weight as though it was
judging just like Him.

#47 - Moon

Moon is, of course, quite the opposite, always having reigned quietly in darkness, so much like
the one of them.

#48 - Waves

They come by a lake, in the night, take rest and dip their feet into the water from the banks,
and upon seeing the water rippling around their tangled limbs, he muses that it is a bit like her
effect on his heart: slowly spreading, resounding, and letting everything around it shine in a
new and very different light.

#49 - Hair

One of his habits is to incessantly twirl her hair around his fingers when they're sitting close.

#50 - Supernova

It isn’t until the sun looks bloated and gets bigger and bigger still that their certainty wavers, but only a final calmness remains when light devours the world - it is neither of them after all.